How Do I Start?

Getting started couldn't be easier! All you need is to have your JV Zoo link ready and use the tools below to spread the word about our amazing offer!

We've provided you with emails broadcast and thank you ad banners!..

Scroll down to see what's available. If you have a special request please contact us
Step #1 - Get Your Link
We're launching on the JV Zoo Network.

You can sign up for a JVZoo account, it's FREE - Click Here.

If you already have a JVZoo account you can request your affiliate link - Click Here.

You only need to request approval from this link to be credited for all sales in the funnel!

The Funnel:

Frontend: $7 (100% Commission)

Upsell: $12.97 (50% Commission)

Step #2 - Schedule Your Emails






Step #3 - Decorate It!

These banners work great on a thank you or download page.

Banner 728x90

Banner 468x60

Banner 336x280

Banner 300x250

Banner 250x250

Banner 160x600

Banner 120x600

Thank You Ad Banner 600x700

All The Best With Your Promotion :),

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